Our Key Team Members…

Research requires a blend of special talents.

Dr Hester Wilson


Dr Wilson -Fellow of the Royal
Australian College of GP’s, Fellow of the Chapter of Addiction Medicine, with a Masters in Mental Health she is completing her PhD in collaborative care. Hester has participated in numerous expert committees for both State and Federal Governments and writes and speaks on the needs of people with complex health issues.


Dr Diane


Diane is a core team member She is able to identify issues and trends. She then contextualize them within the complexities of the globalized digital age. More importantly she is able to provide observations as well as practical and creative solutions in a concise report with substantiated documentation.


Diana Raward


Diana is currently doing her Phd in Psychology. Her accomplishment in statistical analysis and reading body cues is invaluable to the team.  Especially during interviews and focus groups where crucial subliminal signalling needs to be noted.

Dr Diane Spencer-Scarr

Student Life Research

Diane has specialized in the causes and consequences of behavioural changes in individuals and society since the global uptake of digital technologies. Her research has led to a deep understanding of how and why society and particularly young individuals are experiencing apparently inconsistent or extreme behaviours, goals, objectives, fears, and social conscience. Many of these issues are at the heart of problems that organisations and businesses are struggling with.

Prior to her current research Diane was involved in assisting the transition of companies to an online presence at all levels of organisations and businesses; from concept through planning, to roll-out and hand over. Her early career was in education, cultural transitions and mentoring. This interest has come full circle and she is currently deeply involved in research related to university student’s transitions to the workforce. Her academic knowledge, business, and life experiences can assist you by providing ethical research that is relevant to your unique business or organisational issues.

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Dr Hester Wilson

Hester is a skilled and experienced teacher and facilitator, she has a special interest in the health and wellbeing of young people and their path to adulthood. She is committed to building knowledge on the needs of young Australians and the important role culture and peer based programs bring to young people’s development and growth. With 17 years’ experience supporting adolescents and young adults in the university setting, she is well placed to undertake research, evaluation and training for students and staff in residential and non-residential settings.
A medical practitioner with over 30 years clinical experience both in Australia and the UK, she has specialist training in primary care, women’s health, sexual health, sexual assault, mental health and addiction. As a forensic physician she supported individuals through the aftermath of sexual assault, providing medical care and forensic assessment.

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Diana Raward

Diana is our stats and psychology specialist. She is currently doing her PhD and intends returning to clinical psychology on completion of her PhD. Diana began her academic career studying computer science and psychology at Sydney university. Of necessity Diana had to take time off from her career to care for her two special needs children (autism and ADHD). Being a compulsive researcher she applied her skills in research and technology to observe, evaluate and develop techniques and methods to assist her children. Her meticulous observation, analysis and creative solutions have paid off and the children are now in mainstream education and socially integrated.

While Diana is not a digital native by recognised age breaks (born around 1996), she was involved with technology from the age of six. This makes her acutely aware of and sensitive to millennial issues regarding their integration with technology, its effect on personal development and social behaviours. Diana’s experience and passion for psychology are second only to her ability to interpret data.

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In order to maintain ethical integrity we reserve the right to select projects that we are comfortable undertaking.
On conclusion of a project we provide our clients with a copy of their raw data. We will securely retain the source data for the HREC prescribed period. Thereafter it will be returned to you.

This is to ensure integrity of data use.