Part 1: Not What, Why…

To get society to accept digital technologies into daily functioning it was vital for promoters to replicated basic human behaviours into technology functionality. For example the swipe action of the smartphones came from research into the basic physical actions of primates and babies. The point was to make technology interaction simple and appeal to basic human behaviours in the Real World environment (swiping left or right). In this regard technologists were extremely successful – technology is now integrated into our day to day living particularly since the mid-2000s. This however raises a serious question for me.

If technology is simply a part of the physical world that we live in, like a hammer or a vehicle, why are we seeing such divergent and unusual social behaviours at a global level over the last decade? More importantly why are millennials struggling with basic life-cycle transitions? Are their struggles real or are they being blown out of all proportion?

I would offer that we need to stop focusing on what is happening, rather we should be asking WHY is it happening?

I will be covering this in the next few blogs.